Founded in 1978 and formalised in 1981 on the initiative of a group of therapeutic communities for residential drug treatment, the EFTC is a European federative organisation supporting the psychopedagogical approach helping drug addicts to return to a drug free life style and to become contributing members of the wider community. Today the EFTC. is spread across Europe in 25 countries and represents more than 40 treatment organisations.

NEWSFLASH: ATCA Conference - The 2015 Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA) conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, 12-14 October 2015. This year’s overall conference theme will be ‘Partnerships in Treatment,’ which will focus on the numerous partnerships that are integral in providing a therapeutic community, which includes the client, their families and support networks, including the health boards, justice and corrections departments, community agencies, bi-cultural & multicultural relationships. Further details HERE
NEWSFLASH: EFTC Facebook Page - The EFTC now hosts a facebook page. Please log on to share your news, memories and ideas about therapeutic communities. Lots of news and messages and photos - or send your items to Rowdy Yates. Join the Facebook page HERE

NEWSFLASH: EFTC Discussion Group - The EFTC online discussion group now has more than 200 members from all around the world. This is the only online discussion group that focuses on TCs. The list is managed by Scottish Addiction Studies on behalf of the whole TC community - you do not need to be an EFTC member to join. To join the list, click HERE